Log Cabin Siding: What You Need to Know

Wood as a construction material for properties has been a very popular choice specially in building houses. Wood is a genuine material that offers thermal durability, insulation, availability, ease in construction and affordability. Wood may deteriorate given different conditions but given the proper treatment and construction design, these material would survive even in harsh environments such as in Northern Scandinavia and Siberia. In these kind of places, one of the surviving type of living structures is the log cabins.

Traditional log cabins are commonly built with round logs. These structures were built in most in the European area, with the abundance of trees. In building the traditional cabin, it starts with cutting logs in equal lengths and ends that fit together upon stacking. The spaces between those logs are filled with clay to keep the structure intact during rains and heavy winds. There is a single door, few windows, and a fireplace. The fireplace is then placed with bricks on its side. Often, the room has an elevated area with a ladder which serves as the sleeping area.

It keep you warm in winter and cool during summertime. In the emerging practice of self build practices, cabins are not left behind. There is what we call self build cabins where the builder has his freedom to plan, design, and construct his cabin using his materials of preference.

Self build cabins are excellent when it comes to thermal insulation since wood has trapped heat in its mass cellular structure that serves as natural insulator. The door and roof have good insulator quality.

The self build log cabins are ideal for families because even in long time ago, people prefer this living structure because of the light and elegant feel it provides. The self build cabins give comfortable ambiance to its owners. The good thing about this is that with all the benefits of a traditional cabin, the self build cabin is its personalized version. This would suit your every need, from the location of your plot, the size of the area, use of exterior and interior space, construction materials, exterior and interior design of the log cabin, the construction itself and the finishing touches.

Even self build cabins are ideal for families, it can also be a good choice for work space. This innovative office space is a wise investment for many entrepreneurs. It allows the businessmen to work in any weather condition without affecting them inside their offices. Also, the self build cabin can be placed at their choice of location where the office becomes accessible to all workers. Now, each and everyone can be hassle-free when going to work and can enjoy long hours of sleep. It also becomes a better choice because of the reduced cost compared with renting office space. The self build cabin also is environment-friendly which makes not only the workers healthy but making more effort of making our earth a better place to live in.

Log cabins are renowned for their energy efficiency as timber is an excellent insulator – a 2.5cm log has a better thermal resistance than an 11.4cm brick, because the thousands of tiny air pockets trapped in every square inch of the wood’s structure slow the transfer of heat though the log. Therefore the log cabins are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. However, increasing the thickness of the walls does not mean you will have the most energy efficient log cabin, because you have to consider the insulation for the floors, ceilings and roof, and use the right kind of doors and windows, etc.

Log Cabin siding: Modern way of building

Log cabin siding and matching log corners are becoming more popular than ever before. That’s because they can be used to match or complement existing log buildings, or it can provide an economical method for giving a log look to framed structures. It’s also great for remodeling existing homes and is often used to totally transform the appearance of mobile homes and manufactured homes. Log cabin siding can also provide a look-alike option to people who prefer log homes and are building in areas where local codes do not recognize the inherent energy efficiency of quality log construction.

An Alternative to Wood Siding

This company makes the log cabin siding appear as it has been made from full logs. In reality, they are made from white pine logs and they give a very realistic feeling to the completed project. Another product that the company sells, apart from the log cabin sidings is the corner of log sidings, which once again give a very realistic look to the project. The wood used is dried in order to get the wetness out of the wood. This will not only reduce its weight, but also make it fungus and termite resistant

More About Siding

Siding is typically made of cedar or pine. If it is attached to your house with the bark off. Some manufacturers make log-tail corners so the corners of your cabin can be made of the same material as the sides. With the same siding, and the same corners you can have a house that looks just like a log cabin to all but the most experienced builder.

Most siding will be treated in some way to assure it will not go through the same aging process that normal logs would go through. This is typically done by kiln-drying. After that, the siding can also be stained pretty much any color you would like it to be. It can also be treated or sealed for UV protection, or pre-painted with a borate treatment to repel insects. You can also stain the siding yourself after it has been attached to your house. This might be a better option, because you will fill in any crevices as the stain, then the sealer is painted on.

Log cabins have a long history and are as popular today as they were many years ago in North America. However, these day’s log cabins are not limited as a place to live, but rather as an extension to the home.

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