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Casiraghi join AC Milan


AC Milan levels of second-tier team, three-line team, who is scoring the highest rate of people? Levels in the AC Milan youth team striker standings, a man named Andre – Casiraghi players out there, yes, he is the center when the Italian legend, who played for Juventus, Lazio Pierre Luigi – Casiraghi’s son, AC Milan in the last round of the U-14 youth team game against Como, Andre – Casiraghi Réplicas De Camisetas De Fútbol alone with two goals, helping the team 8-2 victory over Como. And his personal season goals, but also a large increase of 11.
Andre – Casiraghi in last summer to join AC Milan, last season he was a good performance, but this season is the resuscitation and the outbreak of the current league had five, Andre – Ka Xiqi scored a total of 11 goals, the playing field not only five field goals, but also including two of Tulidimu and Lecco’s hat-trick. Small Casiraghi and style similar to his father, was a strong impact and have the ability Qiangdian powerful center, with such a front Pa transmission, this U14 team AC Milan, AC Milan has become the level best young team in a record, now in 32 games, scored 5 goals, lost only five goals, standings ranked first. In fact, apart Casiraghi Undo camisetas de Fútbol , the “gained the door,” AC Milan in the common case, and now AC Milan first team of Abarth is the former Inter Milan goalkeeper son, the former AC Milan and Inter Milan striker Mauricio – Gangci son Simone – Gangci now not only is the AC Milan youth team striker, but also Italy U-19 youth team striker. Qi Geni’s father, Gianfranco – Qi Geni, a well-known former Juventus winger, AC Milan youth team striker another Komi’s father is a former Torino FIFA del Copa del Mundo
team’s star, is still Turin the club’s youth academy director.
In the AC Milan youth teams at all levels is also no shortage of “family”, the former AC Milan goalkeeper son Aimanniule Fiori – Fiori, now in the AC Milan U15 youth team, the functional forward, two Maldini sons are in the AC Milan youth team, which Christian – Maldini AC Milan have entered the U15 youth team, but compared with his father, Christian qualification somewhat mediocre in this detachment, he can only give a called Christian – Galliani camiseta Del mundo right back off the bench – but did not show this information to obtain the best right back in the league and was named to Italy U16 youth team Galliani, AC Milan’s vice president Adriano Galliani has any relationship. In addition, Carlo Ancelotti’s son also played for AC Milan youth and first team in the friendly against Dynamo Kiev played before, but now has left the band because of over-age, Kaka’s younger brother is also willing to Germany’s most famous youth team “family” one. Of course, many “family” among the players, small Casiraghi is the most prominent one.


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