Student Recruitment Services

Without good education, it is believed that one is incapable of reaching their full potential in life. Ever wanted to study abroad and not been able to get into a good school? No need to worry as FPP EDU Media takes care of all this by providing a suitable platform for international schools to get into good schools, depending on their ambitions and capabilities. With a wide network in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and all of America, it enables institutions to enroll top international students without any form of prejudice.

Services offered

international student service

Physical fairs
Organizes fun-filled fairs in every country it participates in so that institutions can exhibit their services to interested students. They show the students how the school looks like and the activities done there. At the expos, student information is collected of those in attendance and evaluated by the institutions. Over half of those students are normally accepted into those institutions.

Virtual fairs
For those who are not able to actually attend the physical fairs, there is still an opportunity to participate, thanks to technology. By accessing our website, one is able to keep up with the activities of the fair in a virtual booth. They may also ask all the questions they have and engage in dialogue with other students.

Online student recruitment
Instead of wasting time and calling students for interviews physically, we creates an opportunity where students can be registered online. This is to also help those who are far away and may not be in a position to attend those interviews.

Online seminars
This is done through a Webinar where interested students log into an online seminar where various issues are discussed. A professional will then give a lecture and have discussions with the students. All the information about the students present in the online seminar is then collected and accessed by various institutions where the selection process is done. The students who are successfully recruited are then later notified.

The team at FPP EDU Media is exceptionally good at their work. They are well trained and qualified to assist students will all that they need. For instance, if one is having difficulty in making career choices, the professionals would advise accordingly. They have also worked in the field for a long time and therefore have the experience that is required to handle all this.

We operate within many countries and makes it easily accessible by students all over the world. This paves the way even for those who lack the proper network to enroll into the institutions of their choice.

With the latest innovations in technology, we embraced the importance of incorporating technology into their system. From a far distance, one is able to access their system and the services online. Furthermore, there is the App that enables students to input their information after which it gives them options of where to apply to.

This is certainly the best student recruitment service for recruiting international students. If you are looking to get enrolled in a good institution that will bring out the best for you, apply now and get ready to attend the next expos and fairs in your locality. There is a very high chance that you will be signed up to an abroad institution.